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Potential GPS Failure in 2010

by Admin on May 20, 2009

GPS Failure Could Affect 9-1-1 Response

GPS Failure Could Affect 9-1-1 Response

A new report issued today by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) notes that the Air Force may be unable to maintain the current constellation of 24 Global Positioning Satellites starting in 2010.

The report details problems that could begin to occur as early as 2010, when older satellites begin to fail. Due to diminished launch capacity, and other issues, the likelyhood of maintain the fleet falls below 95% starting as early as 2010.

Such failures would have significant impact on the United States military, who relies on the satellites for a number of applications including weapons targetting, intelligence gathering, and counter-surveillance. But it also has a major impact on the civillian public safety sector, where 911 call centers rely on GPS to pinpoint the location of wireless callers.

The effects would be especially noticeable in so called “Urban Canyons” where the full capabilities of the network are most utilized.

You can view the full report at:

GAO GPS Report

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