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Social Media Tools To Fight the Flu

by Admin on August 7, 2009

Flu.gov is making available some great tools that can be easily incorporated into your web site to help keep your audience up to date on the Flu, without a lot of work on your part. These tools are perfect for small agencies, and can really help PIO’s better manage their time.

In most cases using these tools are as simple as “cutting and pasting” some simple HTML code onto your web site. (If that didn’t make sense to you, just point your IT or web guy to the link…it will be ten minutes work to add most of these to your site)

All this information is from official sources at the federal level, so no worries about vetting the information. Your PIO can then concentrate on sending out local information, and rest assured that your audience has the tools to find reliable information regarding the “big picture”.

In Web 2.0-speak these tools are called “Widgets” and you can see several of them below. Perfect for the school web site, company web site, County EMA web sites, etc.

target="_parent">Add This To Your Web Site!

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