Crisis Communications

Assistance in managing a public perception problem involving your officers, agency, or a high-profile case. On site or remote. All media channels, including broadcast, print, & social. Call us, we can help.

Media Training

Media Relations for Law Enforcement - 2 day, entry level class for up to 15 participants. Several on-camera exercises, live feedback, and more.

PIO Training - 2 Day course for Public Information Officers and leadership. Learn to shape the story, crisis communications, and more. On-camera exercises, live feedback, and social media. Up to 10 participants.

Crisis Communications - Designed for LE and local government leadership. Learn how to change the narrative, optics, and handling a press conference. Up to 10 participants. 2 day intensive course for up to 10.


Full service advertising and marketing services.
PSA | Crime Prevention Campaigns | Direct Mail
We have handled mailings to 129 million homes, delivery of POP materials to 40,000 locations, etc.
National TV, celebrities, Satellite Media Tours, Radio Media Tours.

LE Documentation

Our clients like to say "I'd go through the door with them." And many of them have. We can document any LE operation including high-risk felony arrests, crime scenes, surveillance, etc.

Training Videos

Officer Safety Skills, Firearms Training videos, Felony Traffic Stops, Active Shooter Response, Tactical Operations. We have created films to help train LEOs at the federal, state, and local level. Let us design a video to meet your needs.

Congressional Briefings

Need to brief a Senate committee, or just the City Council? We specialize in creating effective videos to influence government audiences.